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Electrical Power Industry

Electrical Power Industry

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1. EATON explosion-proof cable gland in nuclear power industry

Typically, oil / gas rigs, oil refineries, chemical production facilities, flammable liquid storage facilities, fuel transportation, gas stations, paint production, and papermaking sites are classified as hazardous areas. Defined as an area in the atmosphere that contains or may contain a sufficient amount of flammable or explosive gases, dust or steam.

In such an atmosphere, if three basic conditions are met, a fire or explosion may occur. It is often referred to as a "hazardous area" or "burning" triangle (as shown on the right).To protect equipment from potential explosions, a method of analyzing and classifying potentially hazardous areas is needed.

The purpose is to ensure the correct selection and installation of equipment to ultimately prevent explosions and ensure life safety. The method used to classify the installation may vary, depending on the region where the installation is located, but there are generally two main types of classification.

In countries that adopt the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) concept, this is called zoning, while in North America it is categorized by category, zoning, and group to determine the required security level.

In order to adapt to this special application environment, EATON, a British explosion-proof cable gland expert, has customized a series of related products: explosion-proof thread adapters, such as explosion-proof and increased safety thread adapters, reducers, wire plugs, breathing joints and others  

Accessories such as nuts, grounding rings, IP seals, serrated washers, etc.

2.Electrical protection -French MERSEN products

Prevent damage to industrial and commercial electrical equipment, ensure uninterrupted power supply, and help stabilize the power grid.

This function is achieved through the operation and use of industrial fuses and all related accessories (to prevent short circuits) and surge protectors (to prevent damage caused by surges).

Mersen provides a comprehensive European IEC (DIN, NF, BS) fuse, safety switch and fuse system production line. Providing the widest range of circuit protection products in the industry means that we provide solutions for everyone-from OEM manufacturers and panel manufacturers to MRO manufacturers and electrical contractors.

Mersen provides solutions for manufacturers and operators of the railway industry to help them improve the performance and reliability of their equipment.




• Disconnectors

• Engineering solutions (equipment)


The Metrol system uses the existing power collection device to collect energy from the third rail to provide energy for the motor unit installed in the trailer. For 40 years, Mersen has provided the largest range of current collector devices on the market, with more than 200 devices from Mersen operating around the world almost every day.


For more than 50 years, Mersen has provided the market with safe, reliable, and durable fuse boxes. Our fuse box product line is one of the largest product lines on the market today. It is strictly designed to meet your technical specifications and can be customized according to your needs.


Earth-return units is mounted on the shaft either axially or radially, to provide an effective shunt near the bearing. For more than 50 years, Mersen ECRU has played a role in protecting bearings with its advantages of low contact resistance and long-lasting contact.

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