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Shipbuilding&Chemical Industry

Shipbuilding& Chemical Industry

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1.Marine cable

Due to the special environment, the marine cables need to be halogen-free and low-smoke. There are many types of cables, like fireproof, waterproof, non-toxic. Waterproof cables and umbilical cables will be used in large quantities. In addition, military ships especially need high-quality cables.

European manufacturer Metallurgica Bresciana SpA designs and manufactures special cables. It has more than 45 years of experience in the industry. The company's production R & D headquarters is located in Dello (BS), Italy. In response to many needs of China's ship and ship cable applications, they established Ma'anshan branch factory in China.

European production management combined with the quality management process of Chinese factories can provides Chinese customers with localized sales and after-sales service . The advantages of price and delivery time are so obvious. The production documents are all managed by the European parent company. Except for the cable conductor copper, all raw materials and auxiliary are imported from Europe. The suppliers used are exactly the same as the European parent company.

Metallurgica Bresciana marine cables have high mechanical strength, good oil resistance, non-toxic, halogen-free, flame retardant and fire resistance, and are widely used in power, lighting and communication systems on ships.

2.FSG Measurement and Sensor System

The complexity of modern ship's management requires, together with reducing the deployment of personnel, an increasing level of automation. Our product spectrum includes in the field of navigation and piloting technology among other thing:

• transducer systems for the determination of rudder angle or propeller position

• corresponding sloped case indicators

• signal devices for cruise control and rudder angle control products

• Angular Position Transducers

• Precision Rotary Potentiometer

• Signal Indication

• Set-Point Adjusters

• Tilt Angle Sensor

• Rope Length Transmitter

• Camshaft Gears

• Wind Sensor

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