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Pressure Gauge

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Product overview:

Single and double needle vacuum pressure gauge is mainly used for measuring the pressure of locomotive air compressor, hydraulic system or air storage cylinder. The instrument consists of two independent measuring systems and indicating devices. The measuring principle is mainly to use spring tube to generate deformation under the action of medium pressure. It is amplified by pull rod and gear transmission mechanism to drive the red and black pointer fixed on the gear disk to deflect, and the measured pressure value is indicated on the instrument index panel respectively.The pressure gauge adopts axial structure to measure two identical or different pressures at the same time. Its interior is illuminated by LED ring light source on the upper part of the dial, with soft light and easy driving observation.

Scope of application: rail transit vehicles, petroleum, chemical industry

Stainless steel pressure gauge is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, power station and other industrial departments. It can be used in the case of strong corrosive property, bad working environment and high seismic resistance requirements.

The instrument consists of pressure guiding system, gear transmission mechanism, number indicating device and shell. The shell is airtight structure, which can protect the internal parts from environmental impact and pollution invasion. For the instrument filled with liquid in the shell, it can resist more severe vibration and reduce the influence of medium pressure.

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