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Cable system-special cable assembly for rail transit

IP68 protection

tensile strength 500N

Waterproof, impact resistant, tamper resistant

90 degrees cable entry no need other additional stabilizing structure to support protection

excellent EMC capability

High strength tensile and vibration resistance, the cable will notloose before breaking

The combination of high-protection-level connectors and crimping technology guarantees good mechanical and protective performance of D cable assemblies;

The special material of the cable assembly has excellent performance in various aspects such as oil resistance, water resistance, smoke resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and wide temperature to ensure that the locomotiveruns safely in various tedious environments

Low-smoke halogen-free and high flame-retardant grades

Signal and communication system--MVB/WTB cable assemblies

Multifunctional vehicle bus (MVB) and wired train bus (WTB) cable assemblies are specifically designed for communication cables in train control networks (TCN).Through these cable assemblies, the T-bus structure with MVB cables can be used to disconnect the bus interface from the control unit without interrupting the entire bus communication.There are 4 black jumpers on the component. 2 * 100nF test capacitor can be able to work by disable the 2 * 120Ω resistor by pulling out the corresponding jumper.The wires are connected through a proven anti-vibration cage clamp terminal.These MVB / WTB series interfaces have two 30 °sockets in parallel, all metal housings, and have good EMC protection.Each cable assembly can be assembled according to the actual vehicle signal design and the corresponding cable and related accessories are assembled. The entire set of components is used in accordance with the track industry standards.

Special component-speed sensor connection component



1. Speed measurement range: 0 ~ 20KHz

2. Speed measuring gear: modulus = 2.0, material is magnetically conductive low carbon steel (or electrical steel)

3. Installation clearance: 0.3 ~ 2.0mm, 1.0mm is recommended

4. Number of output channels: dual channels, electrically isolated

5. Output waveform: square wave, rising and falling swing rate ≥ 2V / μs

6. Output amplitude: high level ≥ Ub-3V (full load), low level ≤ 2V

7. Pulse duty cycle: 50% ± 20%

8. Phase difference: When the gear rotates as shown in the installation diagram, 1 channel is ahead of 2 channels by 90 ± 30 °

9. Load capacity: ± 20mA

10. Driving method: push-pull

11. Output impedance: <50Ω

12. Working power: Ub = 10 ~ 30VDC Nominal working voltage: DC15V

13. Current consumption at no load: ≤40mA

14. Current consumption under load: ≤60mA

15. Power polarity protection: Yes

16. Output short circuit protection: Yes

17. Insulation strength: AC2000Vrms 50Hz, 1min (between the channel and the case), AC500Vrms 50Hz, 1min (between the channels)

18. Working temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 120 ℃

19. Vibration resistance: 40g vibration, 100g shock

20. Degree of protection: sensor IP68, electrical connector IP65

21. EMC index: TB / T3021 (eqv IEC60571: 1998), TB / T3034 (eqv EN50121-3-2: 2000)

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