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FSG Potentiometer

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FSG - Your partner for custom engineered system solutions in the field of industrial measuring and automatic control engineering.

Based in Berlin, FSG Fernsteuergeräte was founded in 1946. FSG is mainly involved in developing and manufacturing high-quality sensors and transmitters and is now one of the leading suppliers of measuring systems.

Over the years, FSG has enhanced its linear and angular transmitter systems with a large variety of user-friendly system solutions. Systems which determine measurement data and monitor and control processes are now available for virtually any industrial measurement and control application - a range of high performance and precision equipment for automation and safety engineering.

450 staff members are employed in our factories at Berlin, Kablow, Zernsdorf and Heppenheim - roughly thirty percent of them work in development, sales and quality assurance.


Today potentiometric angular position transmitters attain a still more status with regard to the analogue measuring technique as far as high-quality measurement tasks are concerned due to the favourable value for money.

They are mainly used for

– Power braking control elements for railway vehicles as well as ship telegraphs

– Rudder and propeller systems for ships

– Control drives for systems in the field of energy management and chemical industry

– Lifting gears and slewing mechanisms of cranes and excavators

– Tail vanes for meteorological measurements

– As dancer potentiometers for textile and paper machinery

– As well as for measurements in the field of mechanical, apparatus and medical engineering

Potentiometric transmitters have either a high-resolution element of conductive plastic or high-resolution gold or constantan wire with various resistance and angle values.

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