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Hall Speed Sensor

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SC-22G5 is a dual-channel Hall speed sensor which designed and produced by our company. The sensor is installed on the end cover of the 1000-speed test and is used to detect the speed, linear speed, acceleration and vehicle running direction. The output waveform of the sensor is a square wave. It has no contact with the gear under test, no wear and easy installation. And the speed measurement range is wide, the temperature adaptation range is wide, and the shock resistance is strong. The following are the technical parameters when the modulus of the speed measuring gear is 2.0 and the direction of rotation of the gear is as shown in the figure (the gear meets the DIN867 standard).

Technical parameter:

1. Speed measurement range: 0 ~ 20KHz

2. Modulus of speed measuring gear = 2.0, the material is low carbon steel with magnetic permeability (recommended brand: ST37, STSO or 10-10)

3. Installation gap: 0.3 ~ 2.0mm, 1.0mm is recommended

4. Number of output channels: dual channels, electrically isolated

5. Output waveform: square wave, rising and falling swing rate; :: 2V / μs

6. Output amplitude: high level = 12.3 ± 5% V, low level 2V

7. Pulse duty ratio: 50% ± 20%

8. Phase difference: when the gear rotates like a circle, 1 channel leads 2 channels 90 ± 30 °

9. Load capacity: soil 20mA

10. Drive mode: push-pull

11. Output impedance: <500

12. Working power supply: Ub = 15 ~ 30VDC Rated working voltage: 24VDC

13. Current consumption at no-load: 40mA

14. Current consumption under load: 􀁈60mA

15. Power polarity protection: yes

16. Output short circuit protection: yes

17. Power frequency withstand voltage: AC2000Vrms SOHz, 1 min (Between channel and external shells), ACSOOVrms SOHz, 1 min (between two channels)

18. Insulation resistance: soov megohmmeter measures the insulation of each channel to the housing

The resistance should not be less than 1000 MO

19. Working temperature:-40 ° c ~ 120 ° c

20. Vibration resistance: vibration 40g, impact 100g

21. Protection level: IP68

22. EMC index: comply with EN50121-3-2: 2000

23. Cable length: 1700 土10mm

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