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Mersen Earthing Switch

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Mersen Earthing Switch


Mersen's earthing switch has many applications in rail vehicles, and almost all European rail vehicles have application cases. With the successful experience in European, many domestic manufacturers have chosen Mersen earthing switch grounding devices as their first choice and successfully applied to hundreds of urban rail and high-speed rail projects in China. Mersen has maintained its leading role in technology field.

As a special distributor of Mersen Electrical Protection System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Secure China has the advantages of low prices and short delivery time by purchasing products directly from the factory. It has greatly changed the previous grading agents mode, to ensure timely delivery, preferential prices and provide professional technical support and after-sales service support, please feel free to contact us!

The application reference of earthing switch as follows:

S1063835A / Shanghai Line 1,2

K1019392A / Hangzhou Line 1

S1068297A // LRT prototyp

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