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NADELLA was founded in France as early as 1930 and is a pioneer and market leader in needle roller bearings. In 1958, the German company Nadella (Nadella) was established, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, mainly dedicated to the design and production of linear guides and needle bearings. Over the years, SNR (NADELLA) has become the largest bearing manufacturer in France and the second largest supplier in the European automotive industry due to its excellent quality, good price and perfect technical after-sales service. Since its establishment in 1958, Nadella GmbH has always been committed to providing the required rail transmission system and needle roller bearing products for various industries to meet the special needs of each customer. For fifty years, Nadella GmbH has continuously adopted advanced technology to improve product performance and ease of use, and has many loyal customers worldwide.

Nadella telescopic slides are available in different versions, which are classified according to their extension ratio and their load capacity into part extensions, full extensions, heavy-duty extensions and over extensions.

This results in a large number of versions, depending on the stroke, height, load and available installation space. Effective production of the telescopic rails enables short delivery times with high flexibility.

Simple product selection

The maximum load per pair, the desired stroke and the available installation length determine the product selection. Nadella telescopic slides are designed to have a good safety margin and to have a low deflection in the extended state. This allows the slides to move easily.

Surface protection and stainless steel

Nadella telescopic slides are always protected against corrosion. As standard, the steel receives a blue chromate coating. Other colours such as black or olive and other surface treatments such as zinc or nickel plating are available. For applications in the food sector or shipbuilding, stainless steel slides are available.

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