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Railway Industry

Railway Industry

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China's railway infrastructure investment still maintains a high level of more than 700 billion yuan. The construction of electrified railways has gradually reached its peak. As one of the main equipments of electrified railways, traction electrical equipment is bound to increase. As rail transit cables are significantly affected by upstream equipment. Therefore, it is self-evident that the demand for traction electrical equipment pulling cables increases.

The construction of railway in China not only drove the growth of cable demand, but also put forward higher requirements on the technology of cable companies. At present, the construction of subway tunnels, subway stations, equipment installation, fire protection, etc., has a strong demand for power cables. In addition, due to restrictions on terrain and economic factors, railway uses tunnels to avoid complex terrain, so there is huge demand for lighting wires and cables for tunnels and subway stations. Compared with the traditional cable market, due to the stringent requirements for cable flame retardant, halogen-free, and smoke suppression for subway cables, etc., and the regional differences in China, such as the hot and humid climate and multi-ant environment in southern area.

Domestic production technology can not fully meet the stringent requirements of China's rail transit construction, but the price of pure imported cable is high, and the long delivery period is also a bottleneck. Metallurgica Bresciana S.p.A., the original design manufacturer of high-speed rail technology solutions in Europe, designs and manufactures special precision cables and fiber optic cables. It has more than 45 years of industry experience.

European production management combined with the quality management process of Chinese factories provides Chinese customers with localized sales and after-sales service levels. The advantages of price and delivery time was obvious better than imported cables The production documents are all exported and managed by the European parent company. Except for the cable conductor copper, all raw materials and auxiliary materials are imported from Europe. The suppliers used are exactly the same as the European parent company.

A full range of products can provide standard power and control cables EN 50264 series, high-temperature cables EN 50382 series, thin-wall cables EN 50306 series, data communication series, fire-resistant cables Fire Resistant EN 50200 series, jumper Jumper .

Metallurgica Bresciana S.p.A has a full range of products with CRCC certificate. The company has passed the new version of IRIS system certification.

All cables can provide type tests and pyrotechnic performance test reports of international and Chinese authoritative third parties, as well as other certification reports that end customers required.

Cable Glands

Safe and secure transmission cable connection is essential in transportation. The external system of the locomotive is in the open environment for a long time. They are subject to wind, frost, snow and rain and various weather changes, dust and gravel, as well as strong vibration and extremely different temperatures. More than 50% of the faults in the cables come from the cable glands. The main function of the cable gland is to keep ensure the insulation level of the cable gland, so that it operates safely and reliably.

In addition, the locomotive and the carriage must be able to operate reliably during a long service life. Therefore, the reliability of the cable will be the first requirement.

The railway transportation must be ensured that the cable gland cannot be loose even under high vibration , thereby ensuring the power supply and signal transmission of the entire train. Clamp the cable smoothly to ensure stress relief protection when the cable is connected. And the hermeticity must be reliable, otherwise the moisture will invade the inside, so that its insulation performance is reduced.

In addition, when selecting the cable protection products, should fully consider the factors such as the time has been put into operation and the overall operating conditions.

European PFLITSCH cable glands, commonly used nickel-plated brass, stainless steel 303, stainless steel 316, PA6, PVDF; seal material: TPE, TPE-V, LSR; stainless steel cable connector resistant to strong acids and alkalis , High temperature resistance, working temperature can reach -60 ℃ / +200 ℃. TPE-V material has better weather resistance and aging resistance, suitable for railway industry. Passed all the certifications of the United States and the European Union, such as American UL, European Union CE, European Union RoHS, Canadian CSA certification, German VDE, German TUV, EX explosion-proof, British GL certification and so on.

And cable gland which developed by Secure China can meet high quality and low price need, can be customized and delivered asap.

The company has automatic production line, precision mold processing center, testing center and technical team. With the core competitiveness of "special customization ability for customers" and "fast delivery ability", we can customize special specifications of cable connectors for customers according to their needs to provide quality service.

IKON Cylinder

The master controller is the control equipment for locomotives, EMUs and industrial automation, and serves as the main electrical appliance for locomotive commutation and speed regulation.

As a manual electrical appliance used by the driver to control the locomotive, it is mainly used to control the commutation of the locomotive, the speed regulation of the diesel engine, and then control the running direction, power, traction and speed of the locomotive. In order to ensure the safe operation of the locomotive during operation, a mechanical interlocking device is added between the control handle and the reversing handle. When the key switch is in the active position, the direction handle can leave the zero position and switch between the forward and the backward position. When the direction handle is in the forward position or the backward position, the main control handle can leave the zero position.

From this, it can be seen that the dominant role played by Division Control in the operation of locomotives, its stability and reliability comes from the cooperative operation of each component, and its mechanical interlocking device is at the core of this control unit.

The Germany IKON brand from ASSA ABLOY, which has decades of experience in the production of cylinder, can provide railway customers with a full range of solutions. For locomotive, dozens of mechanical lock cylinders have been developed with diameters of Ø 23mm-Ø 30mm. Excellent quality wear-resistant brass lock cylinders. The surface of the cylinder can be selected from matte chrome and satin Nickel-plated surface, brushed felt, polished copper, etc., optional drilling protection and customized different locking lever needs. It is durable and guarantee the stable operation of the locomotive.

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