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Automatic departure, automatic stop -Jiangsu's first fully automated metro train

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On April 8th, 2020, on this warm spring day, Suzhou Metro Line 5 appeared in peach blossom outfit in Suzhou Hushuguan depot.

At present, the after-sales service of Puzhen company had successfully completed the project docking with the owner and the receiving work of the first train of line 5. At the same time, the commissioning and pre-acceptance customized special scheme for the future had been prepared by the after-sales team, make sure the smooth operation of line 5.

Suzhou Metro line 5 is the first full-automatic driving project in Suzhou and Jiangsu Province. It is also a brand-new B-type full-automatic driving platform project designed and manufactured by Puzhen company independently after A-type full-automatic driving train.

The train of Metro Suzhou line 5 is designed according to the highest level of GOA4 in the full automatic driving standard, which can realize the full automatic unmanned driving state of unattended from the beginning of operation.

I am the AI train

Function upgrade of fully automatic train

The train can realize automatic wake-up, automatic self-check, automatic departure, car washing, main line operation, automatic stop, door opening and closing and turn back, automatic sleep, recovery in case of failure, etc. Traction auxiliary system fault can be remote reset, door alignment isolation, skip parking, rich remote control, micro break reset and other functions.

My status I know

MVB control main network + Ethernet maintenance network

The network system is independently developed and designed by Puzhen company. The communication network is composed of independent redundant MVB bus. The maintenance network uses Ethernet for equipment maintenance, vehicle data download and fault information transmission.

I'm reliable.

Configure LCU and various monitoring systems

The train adopts the logic control unit (LCU) with network, intelligence, high reliability and long life to replace the traditional relay control system, so as to better guarantee the safe operation, maintenance free and efficient repair.

The train is also equipped with pantograph network monitoring system, independent derailment detection system, pyrotechnic alarm system, axle temperature monitoring, running part monitoring system, etc. to realize all-round monitoring of vehicle status.

I'm safe

New "driver's eye" system

The driver's eye system has the functions of obstacle detection in front of train operation, train door and screen door (referred to two door anti-pinch). When the train stops between the train door and the screen door, the train will remain stationary to ensure the safety of passengers and the train the moment the train stops.

I’m  the  transfiguration train

Flexible cab compartment sliding door

The sliding door of cab compartment, which is in the normally open state when driving fully automatically. When someone drive, the sliding door can be locked from the cab at any time to separate the passenger compartment and the cab area.

My lock has "insurance"

Function upgrade of fully automatic train

The vehicle is equipped with a Bluetooth lock in the cab, which is used to control the closing of the electrical cabinet and the driver's console in the cab to realize the centralized electronic management of the electronic lock.

I'm energy efficient.

Intelligent dimming and temperature control

The train is equipped with LED lighting with stepless constant illuminance dimming control, passenger room temperature, intelligent air-conditioning related to passenger capacity and temperature control.

Suzhou Metrolline 5 starts from Taihu Xiangshan station in Wuzhong District.It passes through Wuzhong District, Suzhou high tech Zone, Gusu District, Suzhou Industrial Park and runs through Xukou, southern Mudu, Suzhou high tech Zone, Suzhou ancient city, Suzhou Industrial Park Comprehensive Business City, and ends at Yangcheng Hunan Station in Suzhou Industrial Park.



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