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Successful Stories|Secure Sealing Cabinets and Enclosures in the Alptransit Project

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The pressure-tight control cabinets in the cross passages and technical niches of the Alptransit Ceneri railway tunnel protect the electrical control equipment and crucial safety and radio technologies from dirt, moisture and heat. The cabinets are sealed with Secure cable transits.

"With Secure cable seals, we have an established and proven product that meets the client's requirements for pressure-tight yet flexible cable glands into which cables with pre-assembled connectors can be inserted,” says Christian Bracher, CEO of cabinet systems provider Swibox AG

Highest safety level

The safety standards for the construction and operation of railway tunnels are particularly strict. In the new transalpine rail link, with base tunnels at Gotthard and Ceneri in Switzerland, the demands are significantly high. Since passenger and freight trains pass through the Ceneri tunnel at 250 km/h, all components used must withstand enormous pressure and suction loads. In addition, there are considerable temperature differences, high humidity and extreme dust loads.

The combination of Secure cable seals and Swibox special solutions, such as air-conditioning systems, high-density switch cabinets and branch housings, ensures reliable functional integrity and protection of all electrical components. Both Secure products and Swibox solutions have fully met the demanding tests in advance and contribute to the safe operation of the tunnel. The innovative systems meet the requirements for tunnel and building construction.

Covering multiple challenges

In the rescue tunnels, Swibox G10 cabinets, partly air-conditioned, and G10 wall cabinets are used. The Secure CF 16 stainless steel frames with Secure compact sealing modules (CM) are installed in these pressure-resistant and air-conditioned crossover enclosures. Also, a range of Secure regular sealing modules (RM) ensures that the tailor-made cabinet transit frames used by Swibox fulfill the requirements.  

Secure's high-performance seals make a significant contribution to ensuring the required air-tightness.They master the challenge of the crossover climate of the environment, such as power loss, pressure load, dirt, air humidity and geothermal heat, as well as the influence of the waste heat from the cabinets.

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