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Secure high-end EMC D-sub connection for railway Industry

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In high-speed rail and urban rail transit trains, the cable is the main medium used to transmit signals. Whether it is the access control, brake control system, the communication and monitoring system, it needs to be connected by precise signal without interference. The transmission of railway system signals must be very accurate because a single error will cause very serious consequences. Therefore, reliable EMC function is required to ensure the safe transmission of highly sensitive measurement data.

1 Excellent performance

Secure D-Sub is not only a die-cast zinc all-metal housing but also a unique flange crimping technology d, which ensures a seamless connection between the cable shield and the connector to achieve 360 ° EMC.

2、Unique structure

For common D-SUB connectors, the cable shield cannot be connected to the metal connector shell reliably. Although the all-metal shell connector reduces part of the electromagnetic interference, there is always discontinuous interference at the connector outlet because of a blind spot for EMC.


The unique design advantages of Secure high-end D-Sub are obvious.With crimped flange, there is no need to worry about the EMC dead at the outlet.The connection includes a flange, a body, and one side of the body for a metal sleeve conduit on the cable.The connector shielding assembly is used to sleeve the sleeve of the sleeve that can be radially contracted to compress the shielding net of the cable. After the sleeve is radially contracted, the sleeve is axially blocked with the sleeve. The connecting flange can block the connection port of the metal connector to avoid the cable core being exposed. The shielding net of the cable can cover the outside of the sleeve and be fixed by the collar. At the same time, the equipotentials of the shielding net, bushing and sleeve ring enhance the shielding effect of the signal transmitted by the cable to prevent the signal of the cable from being interfered

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